The founder of the Musée du Niel, Jean-Noël Drouin, wanted to share his collection with everyone. It focuses on the period when a new form of artistic creation emerged and where these freedom-loving artists refused to be categorised.

The museum's ambition is to make visitors experience the visual shock inspired by gesture and light of the works on display. (à traduire) Au-delà du discours et de la connaissance, c’est retrouver pour chaque visiteur et dès le plus jeune âge, confiance en son intuition et son émotion.

Musée du Niel - Visite enfant2
Musée du Niel - Visite enfant
Musée du Niel - Block peinture

Jean Miotte, Composition, huile sur toile, 50 x 65 cm, collection musée du Niel


"Painting often opens unexpected doors. I wanted to show paintings that belong to a particularly liberating period in the history of art. The artists in the Musée du Niel collection had the audacity to offer a new vision of the world after the chaos of the Second World War. I hope that this dynamism will be felt by a younger generation, who in turn is sometimes also affected by crises. Our museum would like to offer them a breathing space and inspiration" 

Jean-Noël Drouin septembre 2022