The Musée du Niel has chosen to welcome the public to a villa built in 1962 at the Port du Niel. The Vialla Pouliquen Architects Agency was entrusted with supervising the rehabilitation and development of this project.

From the outside its bold and modern design stands out with its geometrical design on three floors, surrounded by prominent balconies pointing towards the horizon.


Musée du Niel - Block 02
Musée du Niel - Interieur-musee

Inside, the 300m2 are divided into a succession of split-levels with wide open spaces.

ALEP, Ateliers Lieux et Paysages, was entrusted with the design of the exterior spaces. A natural pathway  facing the island of Porquerolles, winding  between green spaces and terraces, offering exceptional views of the sea.. A beautiful setting between light and shade, sufficiently intimate enticing one to enter.

Musée du Niel - Block 04
Musée du Niel - Block 05